parli_cjThe Oklahoma State Association of Parliamentarians was chartered in 1985 by the National Association of Parliamentarians, organized in 1930. There are six local study Units across the state. Each Unit promotes the study of parliamentary procedure and the educational programs of the National Association of Parliamentarians on a local level.

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About The National Association of Parliamentarians

libertyOrganized in 1930, The National Association of Parliamentarians (NAP) is recognized as the oldest and largest professional non-profit association of parliamentarians in the world and works with organizations and individuals to educate them on fair and effective meeting procedures, The Oklahoma City Unit Is a local unit and conducts monthly meetings which support and promote the educational programs of NAP.

Parliamentary Procedure is based on the consideration of the rights of the majority, the rights of the minority (especially a large minority which is greater than one-third), the rights of individual members, the rights of absentee members, and the rights of all of these groups taken together.

The Oklahoma State Association of Parliamentarians is a Constituent Division of the National Association of Parliamentarians


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