OSAP will begin to offer newsletters on the OSAP website (www.oksap.org) and will be distributed via email.

The first newsletter must contain a call for nominations and bylaw amendments. Additionally, the contact information for the Board of Directors and Unit leaders are to be included.

The Board hopes that this new format will be convenient for current OSAP members but will hopefully be valuable information for people that may not be members.

Invitation by the OSAP Nominating Committee for members to recommend nominees.

The OSAP Nominating Committee is accepting nominations for the positions of President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer. If you would like to submit nominations, please send them to Linda Lawson, Chair of the Nominating Committee. Please submit nominations by April 15, 2021. You can email her at .

Invitation by the OSAP Bylaws Committee for members and units to submit proposed amendments to the OSAP Bylaws Committee.

The OSAP Bylaws Committee is accepting amendments to the OSAP bylaws. If you would like to submit bylaw amendments, please send them to Russ Guthrie, PRP, Chair of the Bylaws Committee. You can email him at .


Newly elected OSAP officers, appointed officers, and standing and special committees and their contact information.

Board of Directors

  • President – CJ Cavin, PRP, CP-T,
  • Vice-President – Shana Robedeaux​, PRP,
  • Secretary – Shawn Paine, PRP,
  • Treasurer – Jim Lawson, PRP,
  • Parliamentarian – Craig Henry, PRP, CPP-T,
  • Bylaws – Russ Guthrie, PRP,
  • Outreach – Ashley Stuart,
  • Events – Seth Rott,

Standing Committee Chairs

  • Audit – Cheryl Sherman,
  • Nominating – Linda Lawson,

Unit Presidents and their contact information.

  • Chisholm Trail Unit (Yukon) – Unknown at the time of publication.
  • Great Plains Unit (Lawton) – Unknown at the time of publication.
  • Oil Capital Unit (Tulsa) – Unknown at the time of publication.  Nancy Breckenridge serves as Vice-President.
  • Oklahoma City Unit (Oklahoma City) – C.J. Cavin,
  • Sooner Unit (Oklahoma City) – Deborah Hill Burroughs,